Why do I hate capitalism?

Why do I hate capitalism?

Some people are dying poor. They don’t even have money to get a single loaf of bread but there are some who die rich. They have so much money that they can even afford to throw some food in bin. 

Why is it happening?  Why some people are extremely poor and some are extremely rich? Why there are most of the people in middle of them who struggle their when life to earn enough money to meet their needs? The reason is capitalism. Capitalism is neither a philosophy nor a theory. It is practical example of stealing openly in the world where some people steal the money of rest of the world to feed themselves and fulfill their wishes of valet parking Abu Dhabi and avail the benefits of a parking guidance system UAE. Their stealing has created a great division in societies on the basis of finance. This division has created insecurities and mistrust. 

Capitalism is basically a theory and system in which state does not own industries and trade but humans or private sector own it. 

Solely, it is the responsibility of state to own industries and trade in order to distribute wealth and products according to the work of every person of a country because state knows that equal distribution would boost economy that would result in prosperity. But the owning of industries by private sector do not have this mindset. They aim to earn money without work by making others to work for them for whole day on low wages that make them not less than slaves. 

Thus, it is capitalism that given rise to modern slavery. But then the same capitalists gave rise to the initiation of several NGOs to cover up their mistakes in front of media which convert 100 people into 100 billion people to make news of poor people given eater and shelter by Mukesh Ambani. Today, this world is divided. Today, the most intelligent person is that person who can earn billions of money in a month, despite he do not know a single word of history and mathematics. Today, the most foolish person is that man or woman who can earn nothing, despite working so hard. 

Thus, this world has failed to value learning and benign nature. Today money is the only thing that matters to us. Congrats capitalists on your greatest victory and the deepest consolation to humanity for losing war against inhumanity.