Tips for canvas painting

Tips for canvas painting

Canvas painting is a much more sophisticated and mature activity then we think it to be. There are many canvas painting ideas out there but what to do if you are a beginner in this field and do not know what you are supposed to do. This is because handling a canvas is no joke as it is a rather tricky piece of equipment. Since art in Dubai is getting famous day by day, it would be helpful to know a bit more. So in this article, we are presenting you some of the tips which might prove to be helpful for you if you are new to this painting habit. These tips are listed below in this article.

Get the canvas ready

It is very important to get the canvas ready for painting in the very first step. It is very important to get the canvas all stretched before you start working on it. You must fix it well on an aisle and set the aisle accordingly so that your hands, your back and your neck would not hurt from painting. After that you must prepare the canvas for you to start working on it. This includes coating the surface of the canvas with a primer which also comes by the name of gesso. Applying gesso all over the canvas gives the fabric a smooth feel which eventually aids in enhancing the quality of your work on it. The smoothness of the surface of the canvas prevents the extra usage of paint and makes sure that the work gets done with minimal amount of paint.

Choose the right brushes

There are a specific set of brushes that are suitable to be used on canvas. Brushes that come with soft bristles are often seen to get completely worn off after a single usage on the surface of the canvas. This is why you must choose the right set of brushes for your work. You should consider getting brushes with hard bristles as they would be able to withstand the rough surface of a canvas.

Adjust the colors

This tip is included because of the fact that some paints are tend to change a bit in color when they dry, these include acrylic paints as they get a bit darker after they dry. This does not happen with oil paints. So you should adjust the colors accordingly.